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Join our Facebook Live Shopping Sales by Following our page!

During our Live Sales we showcase outfits, new arrivals, try clothing on, and do draws for gift certificates or gifts!


1. Go to our Facebook Page Hope's Fashion Boutique

2. Follow & Like our page to stay up to date!

3. Tune into scheduled Live Sale by simply going to our Facebook Page and scrolling down. If we are running a few minutes late due to technical difficulties or life gets in the way please refresh your page!

4. Click on the Live Video Feed to expand and enable commenting.

5. When you see an item you would like us to A. Try on B. Ask a question about or C. Buy the item Comment in the box Example: SOLD LARGE BLUE JACKET (some details required when commenting please so we know which items you are referring to).

6. We invoice within 24 hours of Live Sales normally via our Facebook Messenger App. E-Transfer required within 12 hours of receiving the invoice.

7. Your order will be ready for pick-up, shipping or Delivery to Meaford (monthly set date/time) after receiving the invoice.

The Live Video feed is delayed on our end by 1-2 minutes. We will not see your comment immediately so the best description possible is best to move along seamlessly.


REDUCE clothing waste by shopping durable high quality fashion pieces that last.

REUSE clothing by shopping consignment clothing and accessories.

RECYCLE your clothing back into consignment to earn some money and reduce clothing waste!

Shop with us to find those staple pieces, one of a kind for your wardrobe through shopping our Website, Facebook Live Sales or In-store. We are inclusive to all sizes and price points. Choose to shop sensibly and sustainable by shopping with us!